t    Technical Section            

t    Marketing Section      


t    List of documents required for online e-tendering   


t    Notice regarding amendment in Tender Document for e-tendering  
t    Notice  No. CSIDC/MKD/Samanvaya/14-15/01 dated 06.06.2014 - Regarding submission of DTIC EM Part-2 & Production Certificate  


t    Tender No. CSIDC/SAM/15-16/8 dated 18.03.2016

t    Tender No. CSIDC/MKT/15-16/118 dated 19.11.2015

t    Tender No. CSIDC/MKT/SR/01 dated 17.11.2015

t    Tender Cancellation notice for tender no. CSIDC/MKT/SR/01 dated 19.11.2015


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Gen/8(17)/14/01 dated 22.05.2014


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/14/8 dated 14.07.2014 


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/14/9 dated 15.07.2014


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/15/1 dated 10.02.2015


t    Tender No. Sampada/15/2 dated 11.02.2015


t    Tender No. Sampada/15/4 dated 27.05.2015-

     Tender Document CRCA Sheet Scrap

     Tender Document GP Sheet Scrap

     Tender Document MS Scrap

     Tender Document Scrap Furniture Item

     Tender Document Scrap Jalau Lakri

     Tender Document Scrap Bhoosa Renda and Bhoosa Aara


t    Tender Document Sampada/15/5  dated 02.07.2015


t    Notice CSIDC/R/Sam/11/165(3) dated 15.07.2015

t    Notice CSIDC/Sampada/15/8 dated 20.07.2015        Tender Document


t    Tender of supply of stationery items dated 24-09-2015


t    Tender No. CSIDC/Sampada/15/8 dated 06.112015