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Rich in Natural Resources

Rich in Natural Resources:


  •  Rice bowl of the country
  • Agriculture & allied sector contributes 19.2% in State GSDP
  • Fruit production has doubled and vegetable production increased by 87% during 2008 to 2014
  • ~8.05 L Ha area under horticulture by 2018
  • Holds 3.2% of the surface water and 3.17% ground water of the country
  •  High rainfall − over 135 cm annually, and drainage by three major river basins
  • Low pressure of population on abundant natural resources  
  • Competitively priced land and plenty of water readily available


Rich in Foresh Cover:

  • Rich biodiversity with 44% of its geographical area covered with forests
  • 22 varied forest sub-types present in the State with home to more than 200 varieties of medicinal plants
  • Chhattisgarh produces more than 43% of total lac produced in the Country
  • Out of about 19,000 populated villages of the state, about 11,200 fall under 5 km circumference area around forest.
  • Annual trade of MFP has reached over $ 134 million while the trade potential from MFP in the State is about $ 236 million which includes $110 million from Nationalized MFP and $ 126 million from Non nationalized MFP.